The Only Constant

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Today’s blog post is “your favourite thing about yourself.” Ewwwww. Be bold though, right? I’ve decided to talk about the quality I inherited from my Dad – the ability to change. Change my processes, change my perception, and (the latest overhaul) change my outsides.

So, it’s just over a year since I noticed my wardrobe was a little on the Batman side…

Wardrobe before

Here it is now, a year of small changes looking like a total overhaul:

Wardrobe After

It was scary at the beginning, and (like tightrope walking) involved a lot of looking straight ahead, but I did it: I’m more cupcakes and rainbows than Batman (well on the outside, anyway, teehee :)) The ability to change yourself gives you power. You can feel or be different anytime – it’s up to you. And anything can be done, little bit by little bit.

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