Getting Closer (The Art of Failing)

I used to get upset when people asked me about the book (“where’s the book?” “What’s happening with the book?” etc. because I didn’t have the happy answer I wanted to give them…)
but then I got it: when someone asks you about something like that, it’s energy, it’s the universe going, “there’s movement on this!” … in other words, it’s awesome that you keep hearing stuff,
because you’re ordering – and all of this is bringing you closer to getting it 
I say, every time someone talks to you it’s a sign! I say, get your hopes up! Aim high! Be eager! Six months? Why not? Make it one!* If you’re wrong, if it doesn’t work out – at least you had the cool
feelings for as long as you could! Life is short and often grizzly, why not be excited? If it doesn’t happen this time, you’re still closer for trying… This could be it! If not, next time! There’s no failing, there’s just getting
closer to what you want!

Keep kicking ass!

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