Elmore Leonard

Fly head first into rapid-fire dialogue, twisty plots, gritty guys and vivid girls. Crime fiction writer Elmore Leonard commands an action-packed world with both edge-of-your-seat and laugh-out-loud moments.

And Elmore Leonard’s advice for writers?
“Try to leave out the parts that readers skip.”

As a reader, what parts do you skip?

Check out the trailer for the ’98 film version of Elmore Leonard’s book Out of Sight 🙂

Got to love a strong female MC – Karen Sisco rocks!

Keep kicking ass!

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  1. @KO – So true! And you’re totally right about the clothing (aren’t we all wearing silver jumpsuits in the future, anyway?)

    @0800 – Ah, and do you get your eye-glaze on? Sign me up for the chips and dip 🙂

    @Deirdra – That’s so cool, thank you 🙂

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